Frequently Asked Questions about Dialysis
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Q. What are some causes of End Stage Renal Disease?
A. Diabetes is the leading cause of ESRD and more people are being diagnosed with diabetes than ever before.  Statistics show that 25-40% of individuals diagnosed with ESRD have diabetes.  Our population is growing and living longer.  Also, physicians are diagnosing ESRD early and are able to start dialysis treatment early so the person will tolerate dialysis therapy better.

Q. Once diagnosed with ESRD, do you have to dialyze to live?
A. Yes, ESRD is irreversible.  The patient will have to choose a treatment option in order to continue with life.  Mortality rate is 100% if the patient does not dialyze or transplant.  Remember, while the person is waiting for a transplant they still have to dialyze until chosen.

Q. How often does a person on hemodialysis have to dialyze?
A. Three days a week on an average of 3-5 hours each treatment.

Q. How many patients will Chadron Community Hospital Dialysis Services be able to treat?
A. 18 total and it may be possible to add another chair in the future which will allow us to treat 18 patients a week.

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