Con Marshall Receives COVID Vaccination - PPHD Press Release

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Longtime Chadron resident and local and college sports reported Con Marshall was happy to receive his first COVID shot in early February.

"My wife Peggy and I were able to get our shots at Western Community Health Resources and have had no pain and no problems whatsoever," said Marshall in a recent phone interview.

On the morning of the conversation, Marshall was anxious to get off the phone so he could get the weekend stories and sports updates compiled with a Monday end-of-day deadline.  He jokingly shared "he needed to get back to his half-day," which he estimated to be 5am to 5pm.

Marshall and his wife have been getting their flu shot annually and had just had a conversation about how they haven't even had so much as a sniffle in the past 3-4 years.  This helped convince them about how important vaccines are.  He also shared three of his friends passed away from COVID this past year.

"None of them had any previous problems or health conditions at all, one was one of the most successful CSC graduated and played football in the early '80s," he shared.  "It's really important that we do what we can to prevent getting this virus.  I sincerely appreciate all the healthcare workers and all that are working so hard."

Marshall is no stranger to the Chadron community and college sports with his 50+ year tenure at Chadron State College.  He and his wife are looking forward to getting their second COVID shot next week.

Panhandle Public Health District is grateful Marshall is an iCon for the Panhandle community and encourages others to share their important COVID vaccine stories and experiences.

Panhandle residents 65 or older are encouraged to register now for their COVID vaccine at or or by calling 833-9982275 or 531-249-1873.  There's no need to wait, anyone 65 or older is encouraged to register now so local vaccine providers can determine when to move to the next critical phases who are anxiously awaiting getting theirs.  Please help you family, friends, and neighbors sign up now.

Vaccines are one of the single greatest achievements in public health, be sure to get you COVID shot when it's your turn.  People who are fully COVID vaccinated will not be required to quarantine due to close contact.

If you have had COVID, you are still encouraged to get the vaccine once you no longer have symptoms and after you have been released from isolation.  If you received the monoclonal antibody treatment, it is recommended to get the vaccine no sooner than 90 days after treatment.

If you have received your first dose and have not heard when you will receive your second dose, don't panic, you will be contacted by the vaccine provider that administered your first dose.

The Panhandle COVID dashboard is updated weekdays at 4:30 pm MT and available at  For the most up to date information from the CDC, visit

Panhandle Public health District, Region 21, 22, and 23 Emergency Management, and Scottsbluff County Health Department are working as a unified command on the evolving situation.  Essential updates will be regularly communicated to the public and community partners.

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