Daisy & Star Award Recipients Announced During Hospital Week

We are proud to announce our DAISY and STAR award recipients! Alaina (Lanie) Johnson, RN, received the Daisy Award, and Jeanie Martin, Respiratory Therapist, received our Star award. Congratulations, and thank you for all your hard work, and commitment, to our patients, our program, and our community!

The Daisy Award, which is specific to Nurses, is an internationally recognized award. The Daisy Foundation expresses gratitude to Nurses and recognizes them for the extraordinary, compassionate, skillful care they provide patients and families. By honoring compassionate nurses, Daisy reinforces the importance of compassion in healthcare. To learn more about the Daisy Award, please visit https://www.daisyfoundation.org/
The Star Award is specific to Chadron Community Hospital & Health Services and is for all non-nursing staff. This award is meant to recognize the compassion, knowledge, and connections the staff makes with our patients and their families.

Both awards have the same criteria and can only be nominated by patients. If you would like to nominate a Chadron Community Hospital & Health Services nurse, or non-nurse staff member, for the Daisy or Star Award, please fill out a form at the kiosks located in the hospital.
We are thankful for all our nominees, and look forward to continuing to recognize their compassionate care for our patients!