Car Seat Checks

Nationally certified Child Passenger Safety Seat Technicians are available in the hospital to inspect your newborn's infant seat for any recalls or defects and are also available to teach you how to properly install them.

Did you know that Nebraska state law requires Children up to age six to ride correctly secured in a federally-approved child safety seat. (Primary Law) this violation carries a $25 fine plus court costs and 1 point is assessed against the operator's driving record.

Did you know Childcare providers must transport all children securely in an appropriate safety seat or safety belt. Violation may include revocation of childcare license. (Primary Law) Did you know many children up and even beyond age 8 are safest in a booster seat? To see if you child is right for a booster see the 5 point booster test at

Did you know that four out of five car seats are improperly installed or used?