Meet our Hospice Team:
First photo from left to right - Kendra O’Brien, Brenda Johnson, Abie Hyatt, Kelli Woodrum, Ann Dockweiler, Tama Dierks, Teale Olson, Chris, Swanson, Kris Mader, Diana Lecher   
Second photo from left to right - Alynn Risseeuw, Tricia Thayer, Russ Seger

What is Hospice?

Quality compassionate care at the end of life where hospice provides a team approach to expert medical care, pain management, and emotional and spiritual support expressly tailored to the person and their family's needs and wishes.  Hospice focuses on the belief that each of us has the right to die pain-free and with dignity, and the hope that our loved ones will receive the support to allow us to do so.  The focus is on caring, not curing and, in many cases, care is provided in the person's home.  Hospice is also provided in hospital and nursing homes and other long term care facilities.

How does hospice work?

Hospice staff makes regular visits to assess individual and family needs and provide care or services.

Hospice is available 24 hours-a-day, seven days a week.

The hospice team, along with the person and family receiving hospice services, develops a care plan that focuses on the individual and family's needs and desires, including the need for pain management and symptom control.  The plan outlines the care and support services needed such as medical care, personal care (dressing, bathing, etc.), social work services, spiritual support, counseling or other services.  It also identifies the medical equipment, tests, procedures, medication and treatments necessary to provide high-quality comfort care for the individual. 

If you need bereavement services, please contact Kris Mader 308-432-5521.

What services are covered under the Medicare/Medicaid Hospice Benefit?

The Medicare/Medicaid Hospice benefit covers the following services as long as they relate to the hospice diagnosis and are detailed in the person's care plan:

  • Physician services for the medical oversight of the individual's care, provided by either the patient's personal physician or a hospice physician
  • Home care visits by registered nurses and licensed practical nurses to monitor the person's condition and to provide appropriate care and maintain comfort
  • Home health aide and homemaker services such as dressing and bathing that address the individual's personal needs
  • Spiritual support for the person and/or loved ones, if desired
  • Social work or counseling services
  • Medical equipment (i.e. hospital beds)
  • Medical supplies (i.e. bandages or catheters)
  • Drugs for symptom control and pain relief
  • Volunteer support
  • Physical, speech and occupational therapy
  • Dietary counseling
  • Bereavement counseling and support services for 13 months after the person's death
  • Massage and Aromatherapy

Hospice Volunteer Team

Chadron Community Hospital's Hospice is Medicare and Medicaid licensed.

 For more information on Hospice, please call the Home Health & Hospice Office at (308) 432-5521 or to email Diana Lecher, our Hospice Director.  If you would like to become a Hospice Volunteer, please call Kris Mader our Social Worker/Volunteer Coordinator at 308-432-5521 or to email Kris Mader.

Chadron hospice is looking for hospice volunteers in Sheridan County.  Please contact Kris for more info.

(308) 432-5521


Hospice services are located at Chadron Community Hospital.  Home care is available to individuals in all of Dawes County, northern Sioux County, the western half of Sheridan County and the northern half of Box Butte County.