Diabetes Education Services

Diabetes is often a silent disease.  Some people have no symptoms of high blood sugar for years yet damage is happening slowly in the body.  Education and self-care skills provide better health outcomes, often adding complication free years to one's lifespan.

Diabetes Education is offered in a client-centered approach to persons newly diagnosed with diabetes or those seeking a refresher of skills needed to control blood glucose.  The instructors are a Physician Assistant and a Registered Dietician.

Diabetes Self-Management Education (DSME):  Group or individual classes are available.  The basic Type 2 diabetes class is a series of sessions.  A support person is invited to attend with you.  For more information about DSME call Heidi at 308.432.0455.

Diabetes Prevention:  Nearly 90% of people with pre-diabetes do not know they have it.  A diabetes prevention group is offered locally through Chadron Community Hospital.  This year long program is offered twice a year.  Eligibility criteria apply, contact Heidi at 308.432.0455 for more information.

Discuss diabetes care with your healthcare provider for a referral to one of the following services:

  • Glucose meter instruction- learn how to use a home glucose meter, get accurate results and use the information to make everyday decisions about your care.
  • Nutrition therapy- develop a personal meal plan that includes food preferences and meets nutritional needs based on constant carbohydrate intake.
  • Taking Medication- learn how to use oral medication safely to get the most benefit.
  • Using injectable diabetes medications- learn skill needed to use insulin or non-insulin injectable medications administered by pen or syringe.
  • Foot care skills.
  • Reducing risk of complications- using problem solving skills and healthy coping.
  • Gestational Diabetes management- how to maintain glucose control during pregnancy & about follow up care after delivery.