The Radiology Department has six Registered Technologists to perform a wide variety of diagnostic tests including: X-ray, Ultrasound, CT, MRI, Mammography and Bone Density testing.  All imaging, with the exception of screening mammograms, must be a written ordered from a provider such as a Physician, PA or NP.

X-Ray:  The Radiology Department has 2 digital x-ray rooms, a digital portable X-ray machine and a C-arm machine.  With this equipment we are able to perform most types of x-rays and have the ability to go to the patient room or ER if needed to perform the exam.

Dr. Gitesh Chheda

Dr. Michael Yung

Ultrasound: Our ultrasonographer performs Abdominal, Vascular, Small Parts and all types of OB/GYN procedures on our state of the art Phillips 3D ultrasound machine.

All outpatient Ultrasounds must be prior authorized with insurance before being scheduled.

MRI:  Our trained technologists perform exams on our brand new, in house Siemens Altea 1.5 Tesla MRI scanner. MRI exams are available Monday through Friday by appointment. The state of the art technology offered by our Siemens MRI allows patients to receive their care locally, cutting back on patient travel time and expense. The state of the art MRI suite along with the larger bore size of the magnet, provides a much more comfortable experience for our patients. We offer all exam types including ortho, neuro, abdominal/body and vascular imaging. All outpatient MRI exams must be prior authorized with insurance before being scheduled.


CT or CAT Scans:  A new 128 slice Phillips Incisive CT scanner was installed in June 2021.  CT is used for many things including trauma exams, Abdominal, Chest, Spine, Head and Extremity exams.  With the updated equipment we are now able to perform more advanced exams like Calcium Scoring, and blood flow exams like carotid artery exams, and blood flow exams.

All outpatient CT exams must be prior authorized with insurance before being scheduled.

Mammography:  We are proud to provide Digital 3D Mammography on our Hologic Mammography machine.  Our mammograms are read by the Radiologists from RIA, who are the founders and reading Radiologist from the world renown Sally Jobe Breast Center in Denver, Colorado. 

Screening mammograms may be done on patients over the age of 35 without an order from a provider.  If you are having a problem with your breast (feel a lump, thickening, nipple discharge, etc) you are required to see your provider first and they will order a diagnostic mammogram.

Because of recent changes in Insurance coverage for screening mammography, we strongly encourage you to check with your physician and insurance company about their recommendations and coverage. 

Bone Density: Bone Density:  is a service provided here at CCH on a daily basis.  Bone Density is a test that can be ordered by your provider that looks for the density of your bone, which can tell the provider if you have osteoporosis, osteopenia or the beginning stages of these conditions.  This will help them determine if you need medications to improve your bone density.

All Bone Density exams must be prior authorized with insurance before being scheduled.

.Nuclear Medicine:  is a mobile unity that comes the first and third Friday of the month.  Nuclear medicine can be used in Cardiac Stress Tests to check heart function.  It can also be used to check the function of the Gallbladder, Gastric Emptying, Parathyroid, etc.  It is a useful tool in doing bone scans looking for bone cancer and in the loosening of joint replacements.

All Nuclear Medicine must be prior authorized with insurance before being scheduled.

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