In Radiology we are pleased to have two Siemens X-ray machines that we do routine and emergent radiographs per doctor or PA's orders.

Ultrasonography is a service provided here at Chadron Community Hospital by technologist Kresi Long, RT (CT) (MR) who is able to perform abdominal, vascular, and other types of ultrasounds as ordered by a physician or PA. We are also proud to be able to provide all types of OB/GYN procedures with our state of the art 3D ultrasound machine.

CT or CAT Scans can be performed as ordered by your provider on our new 16 Slice CT scanner. This scanner is capable of doing helical scanner and is able to perform scans quickly. CT is used for many things including traumas, abdominal, spinal, head and extremity CTs.

We are proud to provide DIGITAL Mammography on our Hologic Mammography machine. Digital is the newest technology and has much higher detail than the older film systems. Our mammograms are read by the Radiologists from RIA, who are the founders and reading radiologists for the world renown Sally Jobe Breast Center in Denver, Colorado. The American Cancer Society recommends that women have a baseline mammogram between the ages of 35 and 40, and then have a mammogram done YEARLY after age 40. You are able to just call and set up a screening mammogram without a doctors order. If you are having problems with your breast, (feel a lump, thickening, nipple discharge, etc.) you are required to see your provider first and they will order a diagnostic mammogram. Medicare will pay for one routine screening mammogram every year, it just has to be in the same month or after the previous mammogram or Medicare will not pay for the exam.

MRI is a mobile service offered here at CCH. This unit is here once a week on Thursdays and can perform all kinds of MRIs. An order from your provider is required to schedule an MRI.


Bone Density is a service provided here at CCH on a daily basis. Bone Density is a test that can be ordered by your provider that looks for the density of your bone, which can tell the provider if you have osteoporosis, osteopenia or the beginning stages of these conditions. This will help them determine if you need medications for these conditions.

Nuclear Medicine is a mobile unit that comes every other week. Nuclear Medicine can be used in Cardiac Stress Test, to check function of the gallbladder, to check bones and many other uses.

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