January 11th is National Human Trafficking Awareness Day.

900 individuals are sold for sex multiple times across the state of Nebraska each month.  As you can see on the map, sex trafficking is not only in Nebraska's large eastern cities, but also in smaller cities in western Nebraska.  Sex trafficking follows the interstate highway system.  Most sex traffic victims (82%) sold in western Nebraska are traveling through…

Senior Life Solutions Tips to Beat the Winter Blues

Senior Life Solutions

Meet the new Senior Life Solutions Team!

Seniror Life Solutions

Tabitha Lux, Office and Patient Coordinator, Megan Reineke, MA, LMHP, Program Therapist and Lora Dahlgren, RN, Program Director

Chadron Community Hospital's Senior Life Solutions program, an intensive outpatient group counseling…

Chadron Hospital Gets New 3D Mammography Machine

We are now offering the Geniustm 3D Mammogrpahy exam.  Better results for better detection!

12 Days of Illness - Video