Q. Who lives at Prairie Pines?

A. People just like you! People who have worked hard all their lives, who have planned for their retirement years and who want the very best out of them. A typical resident may wish to be set free from the problems of home responsibilities, maintenance, cooking, cleaning and yard work. To be set free from the loneliness the can come from living on your own, and the fear of an accident or health problems without assistance. Prairie Pines provides comfort, security and a fulfillment of lifestyle. People that want to be independent but may need some assistance are the people who live at Prairie Pines.

Q. Who is qualified to become a resident at Prairie Pines Lodge?

A. We lease to persons 62 years of age or older. If it is a couple at least one person must be 62. Residents must be in good health as this is not a nursing home and we only offer assisted living not daily nursing care. No residents may be under the age of 21.

Q. What is the main meal of the day that is included in the apartment rent?

A. The evening meal is included in your apartments rent. Residents may choose from a varied menu served in our main dinning room by the dietary staff. A continental breakfast is available daily and meals can be delivered to your room for a fee. Guest meals are also available. All assisted living residents are provided with three meals a day.

Q. Why are the assisted living apartments different?

A. They are designed primarily for those who have need of some personal care, such as assistance in dressing, bathing or medications and they are provided all three meals in the main dinning room.

Q. Are pets permitted?

A. Prairie Pines welcomes pets. Size and nuisance factors will be taken into consideration and there is an additional pet deposit required.

Q. How often does housekeeping come?

A. Housekeeping of your apartment is done on a weekly basis. This includes vacuuming and cleaning of kitchen and bath floors. Housekeeping of the hallways and all common areas is also included. Additional personal housekeeping is available at a low cost.

Q. Which laundry services are included in my monthly fee?

A. Laundering of your flat linens (sheets, pillowcases, towels and kitchen linens) is included in your monthly fee and is done weekly. This includes pick up and delivery of laundry. Coin operated washers and dryers are available for your personal use, or you can have your personal laundry done at a small cost.

Q. Who pays for utility costs, repairs and maintenance?

A. All utilities except telephone, cable television, and internet service are included. Each apartment has its own individually controlled heating and air conditioning. All maintenance is provided for interior and exterior; including appliances, lawns, landscaping, snow removal, mechanical systems, trash collection and pest control.

Q. What types of activities are available?

A. Social and leisure activities are available for your participation. These activities are tailored to the desires of the residents. There is a trained staff member responsible for coordinating and planning these activities. Transportation is occasionally used for planned trips to nearby recreational, educational and cultural events. Transportation will also be provided for scheduled doctor visits, shopping centers, banks, etc. If you need transportation for an out of town appointment it will be available on a pre-arranged basis at a low cost to you. Prairie Pines also offers a Wellness Program and encourages all residents to participate.