Aquatic Therapy


Our aquatic program uses skilled and specialized training with benefits of warm water to facilitate movement and improve function.  We have been using the Chadron Aquatic Center since 2017.  Patients are able to access the pool with a zero degree entry and are provided with direct one-on-one personalized treatments.  The depth ranges from 2'5" to 4'9" with a warm water temperature of 91-94°F, which offers many advantages and benefits.  Some benefits include the hydrostatic pressure of the water, which helps to decrease inflammation and increase circulation; buoyancy, which decreases weight bearing and joint compression forces and allows motion with reduced pain; fall prevention by working on balance without the risk of falling; improved flexibility/mobility and increased oxygen delivery.  We are able to see a variety of patients from kids to adults with symptoms such as general weakness and pain, stroke, MS, Parkinson's, post surgeries, athletic injuries, lymphedema and more. 

Our aquatic therapists are Eser Graham-Marski, PT, ATRIC; Jera Boeselager, PT; Jenna Keim, PTA; and Lindsey Oldaker, PT, DPT; Sara Ginkens, PTA, CLT.

Chadron Aquatic Wellness Center Hours and Information