Lymphedema refers to swelling that occurs in one or both of your arms, legs or trunk.  Lymphedema is most commonly the result of the damage of lymph nodes, secondary to cancer treatments or radiation.  Lymphedema may also be something that a person is born with, having overdeveloped or underdeveloped lymphatic system that cannot regulate the swelling in a person's limb or trunk.

The management of lymphedema involves both the patient and a physical therapist certified in lymphedema management.  Chadron Community Hospital and Health Services employs a Certified Lymphedema Physical Therapist, Jera Boeselager, PT, MPT, CLT, who assists our lymphedema population in manual lymph drainage, lymphedema bandaging, remedial exercise, along with skin and nail care.  Our certified lymphedema therapist sees patients with both primary and secondary lymphedema and she sees patients of all ages.  Jera also provides patient education and training to assist the patient with finding the right compression garment for each patient's individual needs, which includes measuring, fitting and education with using and caring for the garment.  Lymphedema is a lifelong management process and our department is are here to help guide the lymphedema patient to become more independent and successful in their daily activities.

Jera Boeselager, PT, MPT, CLT


Sara Ginkens, PTA, CLT